Quality of Life and Quality Residential Construction

Quality of Life and Quality Residential Construction in Rochester, MN
It’s a safe bet that you can look at any poll or survey regarding American cities and their quality of life, and without a doubt, you’ll see Rochester MN on the top of most of these surveys.  When reality is truth, everyone takes notice.  Rochester is home to the world-famous Mayo Clinic, a five-star public school system, unique and growing neighborhoods with close proximity to major sports teams, and an abundance of designated outdoor recreational areas.  Given the area’s advantages, you can understand how the residential construction business continues to grow alongside the city.
Rochester is the third-largest city in Minnesota, behind Minneapolis and St. Paul.  According to USA.com, a data research company, Olmsted County is the eighth largest county in the state and the eighth fastest-growing county in the state.  Olmsted County grew by 18.63% in the last decade, which is more than double the state average for county growth rate, which is 9%.  You can find more detailed statistics about Rochester MN on the USA.com website.
All in all, Rochester is a great place to call home.  Maybe the time has come for you and your family to begin building your dream home and calling Rochester home too.  You’ll have come to the right place!
Rochester Area Builders (RAB) was chartered in 1953 and is a professional builder’s association whose membership includes residential and commercial builders, remodelers, and developers.  We’re a network of contractors, builders, and skilled artisans coming together to make your dream home in an ideal city come to life.
All our residential construction builders are licensed and insured.  Also, all our members are required to adhere to a principled code of ethics and standards to maintain their membership. What does that mean for you, the consumer?  It means you will be contracting a highly ethical and skilled residential construction contractor who is both proven and accountable.  That is a much-needed peace of mind.  Building a new home is often claimed to be one of the most stressful undertakings we can take on as we journey through life.  Our question is: Why?  Building a new home doesn’t have to be so stressful.  Call one of our members today and experience the member difference in building your new home.
Our staff can help answer questions regarding finding a member to work with.  Please call us at (507) 282-7968