Home Builder Tips

Six Home Builder Tips to Help You Get Started Building Your New Home in Rochester
Rochester Area Builders (RAB) started in 1953 as a professional builder’s organization. Our membership role includes residential and commercial builders, remodelers, and developers. We are a network of contractors, builders, and skilled artisans coming together to help make your dream home come to life.
Our members have provided a few home builder tips we would like to pass along to you when you’re considering building a new home. These home builder tips are a quick overview to get you started.
Home Builder Tip #1 - They Do Not Expect You to Know Everything
Take your time, and as best as you can, enjoy the process. While it’s true that building a new home is one of the more stressful projects in life, with research, planning, and asking a lot of questions, it doesn’t have to be a huge stressor. We’re here to help! Building your own home is the investment of a lifetime, so take your time.
Home Builder Tip #2 - Prioritize Which Living Factors are Important to You
Is your top priority location? Perhaps you want your outdoor space to be an open extension to your home. Which amenities are the most important to you? Make lists for ‘must have’ and a ‘wish list’. Again, ask questions. There are a lot of creative ways to incorporate your wish list. This is a good time to remember home builder tip #1- you don’t have to know everything.
Home Builder Tip #3 - Look to the Future, Think Green
Build with green technology. An investment in green technology today will save you money tomorrow.
Home Builder Tip #4 - Keep It Affordable
If you’re planning a larger home, plan on larger mortgage payments, property tax, maintenance, and utilities. However, don’t plan so small that it leaves you without options for redesign or expansion. Really think about the spaces you absolutely need and what you can afford so you don’t have regrets down the line. Also, plan to allocate half to two-thirds of what you can actually afford towards building your home. No house comes in at or under budget because of a variety of factors such as upgrades, increases to building materials costs, and weather delays, to name a few. However, with diligence and planning, you can manage costs.
Home Builder Tip #5 - Consider Hiring a Designer
Remember when we said building a new home has the potential to be a stress inducer? Hiring a designer can help reduce those stress factors because once you get into your build, you’ll have a professional by your side to skillfully guide you through those decisions. A designer can really help you with cost-saving choices, and again, an investment today saves money tomorrow.
Home Builder Tip #6 - Leave It to the Professionals
Make as many preparations in advance as possible and then let the professionals bring your dream to life.
Of course, there are many other excellent home builder tips available, but these should help get you started on your adventure. For additional information regarding home builders and resources, check out rochesterareabuilders.com!