Eco-Friendly Homes in Rochester

Whether building new or undertaking a complete or partial renovation, eco-friendly homes in Rochester, MN are having a positive impact for our community and the entire world.
What defines an eco-friendly home?
Eco-friendly homes are specifically designed and built to have a low impact on our environmental resources by using materials and technology to reduce a home’s energy needs. When lower energy needs are achieved, we help our community and the planet by decreasing our personal carbon footprint.
New build eco-friendly homes and redesigns use the best of both worlds; modern technology and recycled materials. A new solar panel roof installation that provides clean energy in the form of electricity to heat, cool, and energize a home is still a fairly new technology in residential building. Designing and constructing a new backyard deck that utilizes composite materials comprised of recycled paper and wood waste is a great use of recycled materials, and here’s the kicker – your new composite material deck made with recycled materials is proven to be stronger and last longer than traditional wood. That’s a win-win for you and the environment.
It’s not just the outer appearance, however, that gets the eco-friendly makeover. The inner workings and construction of your eco-friendly home is as equally important and impressive. Here’s a partial list of ways to begin to create an eco-friendly home:

  • Dual flush toilets and low-flow showerheads
  • Modern energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Efficient duct systems (a leaky duct system can increase energy costs up to 20%)
  • Energy-efficient lighting (LED lighting uses 75% less electricity than incandescent)
  • Install a Smart Meter to track energy usage and costs
  • Energy-efficient insulation
Whether you’re looking to build a new eco-friendly home or remodel your current home into an eco-friendly masterpiece, Rochester Area Builders is the place to start.
Interested in learning more about eco-friendly homes? Find a Rochester Area Builders member today to get started!