RAB Development Services Advisory Committee Increases Organizational Efficiency


Collaboration is key to success in any industry, but in building and construction, it’s critical.
Did you know that the Rochester Area Builders (RAB) administers more than 30 councils and committees with hundreds of participants?
To ensure you receive the quality and value you expect from RAB, we are committed to staying up to speed on local, regional, and national trends – and passing that information along to you.
Beginning in July, the City of Rochester’s new Community Development Office, led by Cindy Steinhauser, will coordinate with Public Works and Building Safety to provide a more integrated and customer service-focused approach to Development Services. The new department’s scope will include land use planning, policies, and regulations and the efficient processing and issuance of development permits among other responsibilities.
In anticipation of these changes, RAB has consolidated our own development work with the creation of the Development Services Advisory Committee. The committee was formed in late 2018, combining the work of the now-defunct Building Safety and Public Works committees. City officials from Planning and Zoning, Public Works, Administration, and others join RAB members to share information and updates related to tax-increment financing (TIF), infrastructure-finance, land development changes, development-related best practices, and more.
If you’re interested in learning more, please contact RAB Executive Director John Eischen at JEischen@rochesterareabuilders.com.