Join RAB for All Your Residential Construction Needs

Work as a professional builder can be complicated. Networking within the industry can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. Gaining access to much-needed professional resources is also tricky if you don’t have the right connections or contacts. 

Those looking for a building professional might not know where to start. Sifting through dozens of companies and individuals to find the one who best fits your needs might seem like an impossible task. 

For both situations, a trusted industry voice makes all the difference. Rochester Area Builders, chartered in 1953, serves as the leading resource for those interested in advancing the building industry and residential construction in and around the Rochester, MN area. 

As a professional organization of developers, builders, remodelers, and other businesses, membership into Rochester Area Builders provides a wealth of benefits for those in the residential construction field. 

Members serve on local councils to advance the industry, have access to legislative representation through membership in the National Association of Home Builders and the Builders Association of Minnesota, and gain the opportunity to network and attend pertinent events with others in the same line of work.

Community members across Southeastern Minnesota stand to gain a lot from Rochester Area Builders. The organization strives to serve as a trusted resource for homeowners and those who are interested in a new build or adding on to an existing structure. 

Rochester Area Builders provides scholarship and job shadowing programs for students interested in getting involved in the construction and building field. 

Prospective new homeowners have access to building guides that provide information on local regulations, development standards, and a variety of other important construction aspects. 

Not sure where to start during the construction process? The organization has extensive resources and information about quality, professional, and vetted builders, remodelers, and contractors in the area who are ready to work on your next project. 

Residential construction in and around the Rochester, MN area doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. Let Rochester Area Builders serve as the top resource for developers, remodelers, contractors, builders, and members of the general public. 

Our extensive connections with legislators and building professionals gives people strong representation and amplifies advocacy. 

A wide range of construction resources empowers people to make smart decisions as they begin to build and permits quality companies in the field to build a strong customer base and strengthen reputation. 

Learn more about Rochester Area Builders by sending questions or comments through our online contact form, or check out our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.