Commercial Builders in Rochester Should Build Community Through RAB

Trustworthiness is key in and outside the commercial builders’ community in Rochester, MN.  Potential clients who are looking to have projects completed will often refer businesses to friends and family if the work team was professional, punctual, and experienced.
Businesses often grow and thrive as they make connections with other reputable companies in the commercial building community. For years, Rochester Area Builders has served as one of the leading construction authorities across the southeastern Minnesota region.
The professional organization of commercial and residential builders offers a number of benefits to members and the general public, which include:
  • For the Public: Rochester Area Builders provides an extensive member directory so people can quickly search for verified, trustworthy, and experienced commercial builders, contractors, electricians, architects, or other associates. The organization also offers a variety of expert tips, articles, and guides for all aspects of home construction and keeps a listing of current career opportunities and job openings for relevant jobs. Educational resources on the consumer side include disaster fraud information, handbooks on remodeling, and details on harmful substances like radon.
  • For Members: Membership in Rochester Area Builders gives commercial builders, remodelers, developers, and other pertinent businesses access to an unparalleled lineup of events, committees, and benefits to connect with others and network. Membership also grants the ability to participate in educational programs that come at a lower cost than traditional alternatives and to serve on various committees to drive the decision-making process. Members also gain membership in the National Association of Home Builders and the Builders Association of Minnesota. Staying involved with these organizations provides the opportunity to maintain legislative representation on the local and national level. 
Interested in joining a premier resource many commercial builders in Rochester, MN rely on for networking, pertinent events, and opportunities for continued education? Rochester Area Builders is dedicated to advancing and promoting the building industry across the southeastern part of Minnesota.
Staff members associated with Rochester Area Builders include a variety of experienced professionals who carefully guide all subcommittees to ensure effective work is done. Office space and staff is shared with the Builders Exchange of Rochester, which serves as a plan room to provide commercial projects with specifications for members to review and potentially copy.
Certain members in Rochester Area Builders are eligible to join the Builders Exchange of Rochester. Memberships are available in several tiers that are targeted towards the particular interests of the individual or company.
Ready to learn more? Feel free to contact Rochester Area Builders today by filling out the online contact form to learn more about the benefits of joining and to ask any questions about the application process!